How This Book Is Organized

I’ve organized Candlestick Charting For Dummies into five parts. Each part offers a different set of information and skills that you can take away to incorporate in your personal trading strategy. You get a feel for candlestick basics or understand some simple candlestick patterns and how to trade based on them. You tackle some more complicated patterns and figure out how it’s possible to use candlesticks in tandem with other popular technical indicators. The possibilities for candlestick charts are many and varied, and I do my best to touch on a wide range of their uses and benefits.

Part I: Getting Familiar with Candlestick Charting and Technical Analysis

In the first part of this book, I introduce candlestick charting and some other basic charting concepts. You may be wondering what advantages candlesticks have over other types of charts. Believe me, the rewards are plenty, and you can read all about them in Chapter 2. Want to know what price data elements are combined to generate a candlestick? That’s all contained in Chapter 3, along with some information on how to embrace the other types of data that you may run into when reviewing candlestick charts. And in the last chapter of Part I, I also let you know how to tap into a variety of free and for-purchase electronic resources for charting, which are critical in today’s high-tech trading environment. I even include a low-tech alternative: how to draw charts yourself.

Part II: Working with Simple ...

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