Trading Is an Easy Way to Get Rich Quick

Trading isn’t easy. I can’t emphasize that enough. Imagine working on something for a while, and then instead of reaping monetary rewards for your hard work, you end up losing money. If trading was easy, we’d all do it for an hour a day and live a life of luxury. Becoming consistently profitable requires quite a bit of hard work.

It took me a few years of working on systems (and losing some money) before I became consistently profitable trading for myself. My beautiful wife will attest to the amount of work I have and continue to put into my personal trading endeavor, which is almost like a second full-time job. However, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between how much time I devote to trading preparations and how well I’m doing. Hard work does pay off in trading, but don’t expect to strike it rich with a half-hearted or lackadaisical effort.

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