Where to Go from Here

To figure out which area of this book to dive into first, think hard about what facet of candlestick charting you want to understand. Want to get grounded in the basics, or polish up on a few candlestick fundamentals that you may have forgotten since you read that online article about candlestick charting months ago? Check out the next page, on which Part I begins.

If you want to get cracking and find out about a few real candlestick patterns and how they can tell you what a market or security is going to do next, I suggest that you flip to one of the chapters in Parts II or III. I cover many candlestick pattern examples in those chapters — more than enough to give you plenty to look for as you pore over charts on the Web or on a charting software package.

You may have been recently exposed to some other technical indicators and it’s possible that reading about candlesticks alongside some of that familiar material may help you get your feet wet. If so, make a beeline for Part IV, and enjoy!

The water’s fine no matter where you choose to dive in, and you’re just a few page-turns away from adding a powerful weapon to your trading arsenal.

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