Chapter 17. OSPF Timers

timers lsa-group-pacing seconds

Syntax Description:

  • seconds—The minimum time between sending groups of timer-expired link-state advertisements (LSAs). The range of values is 10 to 1800 seconds. The default time is 240 seconds.

Purpose: Each OSPF LSA has an age parameter indicating if it is still valid. When the age of an LSA is equal to the maximum age (1 hour), the LSA is discarded. In order to refresh LSAs, the originating router will send the LSAs every 30 minutes. This periodic refresh process prevents the LSAs from reaching the maximum age and therefore prevents the LSAs from being discarded. LSA refreshing occurs even if the LSA has not changed. In addition, a checksum is performed on all LSAs every 10 minutes. If ...

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