Appendix G. SAS Code for Exercises in Chapter 23

libname examp 'c:\bookfiles\examples\sas'; options nodate nonumber ls=85 ps=55; *======================================================* | STATISTICAL ANALYSES for Response Variable = "score"| | (continuous numeric response variable) | *=======================================================* ; /* ANALYSIS #1: Two-Sample t-Test */ proc ttest data = examp.trial; class trt; var score; title 'ANALYSIS #1: Two-Sample t-Test'; run; /* ANALYSIS #2: Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test */ proc npar1way wilcoxon data = examp.trial; class trt; var score; title 'ANALYSIS #2: Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test'; run; /* ANALYSIS #3: One-Way ANOVA */ proc glm data = examp.trial; class trt; model score = trt; means trt; title 'ANALYSIS ...

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