Chapter 17. Fisher's Exact Test

  • 17.1 Introduction 317

  • 17.2 Synopsis 317

  • 17.3 Examples 318

  • 17.4 Details & Notes 321

17.1 Introduction

Fisher's exact test is an alternative to the chi-square test (Chapter 16) for comparing two independent binomial proportions, p1 and p2. This method is based on computing exact probabilities of observing a given result or a more extreme result, when the hypothesis of equal proportions is true. Fisher's exact test is useful when the normal approximation to the binomial might not be applicable, such as in the case of small cell sizes or extreme proportions.

17.2 Synopsis

Using the same notation as in Chapter 16, you observe X1 'responders' out of n1 patients studied in one group and X2 'responders' of n2 patients in a second ...

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