The Missing Credits

About the Author

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Matthew MacDonald is a science and technology writer with well over a dozen books to his name. Spreadsheet fanatics can crunch numbers with him in Excel 2010: The Missing Manual. Data geeks can follow him into the dizzying world of databases with Access 2010: The Missing Manual. And human beings of all description can discover just how strange they really are in Your Brain: The Missing Manual and Your Body: The Missing Manual.

About the Creative Team

Peter McKie (editor) had the pleasure of working on the previous edition of this book. He lives in New York, where he researches the history of abandoned buildings and, every once in a while, sneaks into them. Email: .

Holly Bauer (production editor) lives in Ye Olde Cambridge, MA. She’s a production editor by day and an avid home cook, DIYer, and mid-century modern furniture design enthusiast by night/weekend. Email: .

Linda Laflamme (proofreader) lives in New Hampshire where she is devoted to good grammar, perfect punctuation, vibrant vocabulary, and her son, Christopher. Email: .

Ron Strauss (indexer) is a full-time freelance indexer specializing in IT. When not working, he moonlights as a concert violist and alternative medicine health consultant. Email: .

Shelley Powers (technical reviewer) is a web developer and tech writer, currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. Her areas of interest are HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies.


No author could complete a book without a small army of helpful individuals. I’m deeply indebted to the whole Missing Manual team, especially my editor, Peter McKie, who kept me on track with relatively gentle prodding, and HTML-whiz tech reviewer Shelley Powers, who lent her keen insight about all things web-related. I also owe a hearty thanks to those who left their mark on the previous editions of this book, including Sarah Milstein, Peter Meyers, and tech reviewers Jim Goodenough, Rhea Howard, Mark Levitt, Tony Ruscoe, and Megan Sorensen. As always, I’m also deeply indebted to numerous others who toiled behind the scenes indexing pages, drawing figures, and proofreading the final copy.

Finally, I’d never write any book without the support of my parents, Nora and Paul, my extended parents, Razia and Hamid, and my wife, Faria. (I’d probably write many more without the challenges of my two lovable daughters, Maya and Brenna.) Thanks everyone!

Matthew MacDonald

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