Chapter 1

Integrative Thinking 2.0

In The LEGO Movie, there is a joke that always makes Jørgen Vig Knudstorp laugh. The hero of the movie, a workaday minifig named Emmett, is admiring Batman’s awesome plane. “Could you make one of these in orange?” Emmett asks. “I only work in black,” Batman growls back. “And sometimes, very, very dark gray.”1

Given Batman’s well-known penchant for all things dark, it’s a funny line to comic book fans. But for Knudstorp, the lanky, bearded, bespectacled CEO of the LEGO Group, it’s funny for a whole other reason. “When I became CEO, I was this young, former McKinsey consultant—you know, Mister Business,” Knudstorp says.2 He was the first outsider, and the first person outside the family, to run the Danish toy ...

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