Symbols and Numbers

* (wildcard symbol), for animation between view states, 180

|| (double pipes), specifying color and, 255, 258

9-slice scaling, 62–64

graphical skinning with Fireworks, 230–231

graphical skinning with Flash, 206

graphical skinning with Flex Component Kit, 321

graphical skinning with Illustrator, 215–216

graphical skinning with Photoshop, 243–244

overview of, 62–63

setting 9-slice grids, 63–64


Absolute positioning

Cartesian coordinates for, 26–27

constraint-based layouts for, 27–29

overview of, 25–26

style properties and, 38

Accordion component

icon support and, 103

overview of, 95–96

skinning and styling diagrams, 362

style properties, 97–98

Accordion Header, 362

Action effects, 165


applying filters with, ...

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