Appendix A. Resources

When working with CSS, keep these two tips in mind: simplify and verify.

After you’ve crafted your CSS rules, simplify them by using only the selectors and properties you believe you need; any extras could cause some confusion down the road. Then verify the HTML, XHTML, and CSS with the help of validators as you code. Those two steps solve most problems developers encounter when working with CSS.

However, if you still run into trouble, this appendix contains some of the top references, discussion groups, and tools on the Internet to help in your CSS development.

General HTML and CSS Instruction

“A Roadmap to Standards” (
This essay by David Shea is a good introduction and pep talk for web designers who want to learn about web standards–based development.
“CSS from the Ground Up” (
Web developers new to CSS will benefit from this well-paced tutorial available from Web Page Design for Designers.
“Basics of CSS Positioning” (
For more information about positioning with CSS, try this tutorial by Community MX.
Floatutorial (
Learn about floating elements with CSS in various practice coding examples provided by Max Design.
Selectutorial (
Gain a better understanding of CSS ...

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