Appendix B. CSS 2.1 Properties and Proprietary Extensions

This appendix contains several tables. Table B-1 lists CSS properties from W3C’s CSS 2.1 specification (see It lists the property’s values, initial value, what the property applies to, whether the values in the property are inherited, whether the property accepts percentages, and the property’s media group.

Table B-2 lists Microsoft’s proprietary extensions to the specifications. These properties will not validate if you run them through a validator and they will appear successfully only in a browser built by Microsoft. Your mileage will vary with the use of these extensions.

As of this writing, Mozilla’s proprietary extensions that are available in Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape Navigator 6 and later browsers are not fully documented. Table B-3 lists some extensions that are documented from Mozilla’s developers’ website. Check the site for a complete list of the extensions, at

Table B-1. CSS 2.1 properties
NameValuesInitial valueApplies to (Default: all) Inherited? Percentages (Default: N/A) Media groups


scroll | fixed | inherit





<color> | transparent | inherit





<uri> | none | inherit





[ [ <percentage> | <length> | left | center | right ] [ <percentage> | <length> | top | center | bottom ]? ] | [ [ left | center ...

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