Chapter 12

Understanding CSS for Libraries and Generators

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering how libraries and generators use CSS

arrow Viewing the CSS used by libraries and generators

arrow Determining which elements to modify

arrow Using modification aids

The third-party libraries and generators in this book have had one thing in common — they all rely on CSS in some way to accomplish their work. So far, the book has demonstrated that using CSS makes it possible to format page content and perform programming-like tasks. The third-party products you’ve examined all make your job easier by creating an environment in which you can focus on output, rather than on the means to obtain that output.

You’ve also been subject to the whims of each product’s developer because each product forces you to perform tasks in a specific way. This chapter helps you solve that problem, at least partially, by viewing and modifying the CSS used by these third-party products in order to see output in the way you’d prefer. For example, you might want to see rounded corners on controls, rather than square corners, and this chapter ...

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