Chapter 4

Machine Learning: Learning from Data with Your Machine


check Understanding the machine learning process

check Exploring machine learning styles and algorithms

check Overviewing algorithms, deep learning, and Apache Spark

If you’ve been watching any news lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of something called machine learning. It’s often referenced when reporters are covering stories on some new and amazing invention from artificial intelligence. In this chapter, you dip your toes into the area called machine learning, and in Chapter 8, you get a view on how machine learning works within this new world of artificial intelligence inventions.

Defining Machine Learning and Its Processes

Machine learning is the practice of applying algorithmic models to data, in an iterative manner, so that your computer discovers hidden patterns or trends that you can use to make predictions. It’s also called algorithmic learning. Machine learning has a vast and ever-expanding assortment of use cases, including

  • Real-time Internet advertising
  • Internet marketing personalization
  • Internet search
  • Spam filtering
  • Recommendation engines
  • Natural language processing and sentiment analysis ...

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