Chapter 17

Doing Data Science with Excel and Knime


check Using Excel to examine your data

check Formatting and summarizing data in Excel

check Automating tasks in Excel

check Improving your business with KNIME

In this day and age, when it seems like every organization is reliant upon cloud-based applications, standard installable desktop applications are fewer and farther between. Nonetheless, there are still a few programs out there that you can install on your computer and use for data science tasks. In this chapter, I explain how you can use Microsoft Excel to perform some basic tasks to help simplify your project work in data science. I also introduce a free, open-source analytics platform called KNIME and discuss how you can use it to perform advanced data science tasks without having to learn how to code.

Making Life Easier with Excel

Microsoft Excel holds a special place among data science tools. It was originally designed to act as a simple spreadsheet. Over time, however, it has become the people’s choice in data analysis software. In response to user demands, Microsoft has ...

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