594 DB2 Performance Expert for Multiplatforms V2.2
It is not always possible to modify the lock list to solve concurrency issues. When
it is not possible, you must analyze these issues in more detail. If you want to
discover which applications are conflicting with each other, you can use the
Applications in Lock Conflicts pane from the System Overview window. If you
would rather know which tables that the lock waits are happening on, you can
use the Locking Conflicts pane.
If you want to analyze deadlocks, you should start the event exception
processing for deadlocks in the Activation dialog (from the System Overview
window, click Tools Exceptions Activation - Multiplatform; see
Figure C-67). As soon as a deadlock is detected, PE will raise an exception and
display it in the System Overview window, where you can double-click it to drill
down to the deadlock details.
Figure C-67 Event exception processing
Parameter marker check
BI systems typically execute analysis statements that take longer per definition.
For that purpose, the optimization of statements by DB2 is a crucial performance
factor. Therefore, the DB2 optimizer should get as much information as possible
for the statement compilation, including the values of all predicates. It is normally

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