1-1Core and orthogonal extensions15
2-1Object files and a library archive47
2-2Compiling and linking50
2-3An XCOFF format executable file and exec()63
2-4Static and shared text code in the executable file65
2-5The -bdynamic and -bstatic linker options66
2-6Function calling relationship78
2-7Function calling relationship after rebinding symbols81
2-8Function calling relationship for an interdependent shared object98
3-1Hardware, kernel, and user process relationships106
3-2Default memory model (segment usage)110
3-3Default memory model (detail)111
3-4Large memory model (segment usage)116
3-5Very large memory model (0 < maxdata < 0xB0000000)118
3-6Very large memory model (0xB0000000 =< maxdata < 0xD0000000)119
3-7Very large memory model (maxdata = 0)

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