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Digital Marketing For Dummies

Book Description

Does your digital marketing pack a punch?

Written with the marketer's best interests in mind, this friendly, down-to-earth guide shows you how to use proven digital marketing strategies and tactics to expand the reach of your brand, increase audience engagement, and acquire and monetize customers. From current best practices in SEO and SEM to the latest ways to effectively use content marketing and influencer marketing—and everything in between—Digital Marketing For Dummies helps you get the most out of all your digital marketing efforts.

What worked in digital marketing just a few years ago is quickly losing relevance as electronic platforms—and the people who use them—continue to evolve. So how do you keep afloat in this fast-paced and ultra-competitive environment? Don't sweat it! Digital Marketing For Dummies takes the guesswork out of marketing in the digital age, offering the latest tips and techniques for utilizing technology to get your product or services out to the masses. Whether you're looking to craft a killer campaign from scratch or just want to beef up your social media presence, you'll find everything you need to meet your business goals—and boost your bottom line.

  • Develop an individually tailored digital marketing campaign
  • Offer an effective lead magnet to convert visitors
  • Keep your audience invested in your brand, products, and services
  • Create a return path with frequent and strategic communication with your customers

If you're ready to benefit from the latest and greatest digital marketing has to offer, this no-nonsense guide sets you up for success.

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Beyond the Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: Getting Started with Digital Marketing
      1. Chapter 1: Understanding the Customer Journey
        1. Creating a Customer Avatar
        2. Getting Clear on the Value You Provide
        3. Knowing the Stages of the Customer Journey
        4. Preparing Your Customer Journey Road Map
      2. Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Marketing Campaign
        1. Establishing Marketing Objectives
        2. Defining a Digital Marketing Campaign
        3. Understanding the Three Major Types of Campaigns
        4. Balancing Your Marketing Campaign Calendar
        5. Choosing the Campaign You Need Now
        6. Viewing Your Digital Marketing through the Campaign Lens
      3. Chapter 3: Crafting Winning Offers
        1. Offering Value in Advance
        2. Designing an Ungated Offer
        3. Designing a Gated Offer
        4. Designing Deep-Discount Offers
        5. Maximizing Profit
    4. Part 2: Using Content to Generate Fans, Followers, and Customers
      1. Chapter 4: Pursuing Content Marketing Perfection
        1. Knowing the Dynamics of Content Marketing
        2. Finding Your Path to Perfect Content Marketing
        3. Executing Perfect Content Marketing
        4. Distributing Content to Attract an Audience
      2. Chapter 5: Blogging for Business
        1. Establishing a Blog Publishing Process
        2. Applying Blog Headline Formulas
        3. Auditing a Blog Post
      3. Chapter 6: Taking Stock of 57 Blog Post Ideas
        1. Defeating Writer’s Block
        2. Creating Stellar Content without All the Fuss
    5. Part 3: Generating Website Traffic
      1. Chapter 7: Building High-Converting Landing Pages
        1. Exploring the Types of Landing Pages
        2. Creating a Lead Capture Page
        3. Creating a Sales Page
        4. Grading a Landing Page
      2. Chapter 8: Capturing Traffic with Search Marketing
        1. Knowing the Three Key Players in Search Marketing
        2. Targeting Search Queries
        3. Optimizing Your Assets for Specific Channels
        4. Earning Links
      3. Chapter 9: Leveraging the Social Web
        1. The Social Success Cycle
        2. Listening to the Social Web
        3. Influencing and Building Brand Authority
        4. Networking That Moves the Needle
        5. Selling on Social Channels
        6. Avoiding Social Media Mistakes
        7. Knowing When to Automate
      4. Chapter 10: Tapping into Paid Traffic
        1. Visiting the Traffic Store
        2. Understanding Traffic Temperature
        3. Choosing the Right Traffic Platform
        4. Setting up Boomerang Traffic
        5. Troubleshooting Paid Traffic Campaigns
      5. Chapter 11: Following Up with Email Marketing
        1. Understanding Marketing Emails
        2. Sending Broadcast and Triggered Emails
        3. Building a Promotional Calendar
        4. Creating Email Campaigns
        5. Writing and Designing Effective Emails
        6. Cuing the Click
        7. Getting More Clicks and Opens
        8. Ensuring Email Deliverability
    6. Part 4: Measuring, Analyzing, and Optimizing Campaigns
      1. Chapter 12: Crunching Numbers: Running a Data-Driven Business
        1. Leveraging the Five Google Analytics Report Suites
        2. Understanding Where Your Traffic Is Coming From
        3. Tracking the Origins of Site Visitors
        4. Creating Goals to See Who’s Taking Action
        5. Segmenting Your Audience with Google Analytics
        6. Honing In on Your Audience
        7. Putting It All Together
      2. Chapter 13: Optimizing Your Campaigns for Maximum ROI
        1. Understanding Split Testing
        2. Selecting Page Elements to Optimize
        3. Getting Ready to Test
        4. Preparing to Launch
        5. Calling a Test
        6. Knowing How a Test Performed
        7. Analyzing the Test
    7. Part 5: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 14: The Ten Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes
        1. Focusing on Eyeballs Instead of Offers
        2. Failing to Talk about Your Customers (and Their Problems)
        3. Asking Prospects for Too Much, Too Soon
        4. Being Unwilling to Pay for Traffic
        5. Being Product Centric
        6. Tracking the Wrong Metrics
        7. Building Assets on Other People’s Land
        8. Focusing on Your Content’s Quantity Instead of Quality
        9. Not Aligning Marketing Goals with Sales Goals
        10. Allowing “Shiny Objects” to Distract You
      2. Chapter 15: Ten Trending Digital Marketing Skills to Add to Your Resume
        1. Content Marketing
        2. Media Buying and Traffic Acquisition
        3. Search Marketing
        4. Social Media Marketing
        5. Community Management
        6. Video Marketing and Production
        7. Web Design and Development
        8. Email Marketing
        9. Data Analysis
        10. Testing and Optimization
      3. Chapter 16: Ten Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Success
        1. Building a Website
        2. Hosting a Website
        3. Choosing Email Marketing Software
        4. Considering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
        5. Adding a Payment Solution
        6. Using Landing Page Software
        7. Sourcing and Editing Images
        8. Managing Social Media
        9. Measuring Your Performance: Data and Analytics
        10. Optimizing Your Marketing
    8. About the Authors
    9. Advertisement Page
    10. Connect with Dummies
    11. End User License Agreement