Appendix B. Dreamweaver CC, Menu by Menu

Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual is quite complete; in its pages, you’ll find descriptions of every major Dreamweaver function (and most minor ones). In the interest of completeness, however, here’s a quick reference to every command in every menu—and the answer to the occasional “What does that mean?” mystery.

File Menu

The commands in Dreamweaver’s File menu include basic functions like saving and closing files, and controlling an open Dreamweaver document:

  • New. Opens the New Document window, which lets you create various types of new Dreamweaver files. On the left side, four document categories are listed:

    • Blank Page. Creates an empty Dreamweaver document using any of several types of web page, from basic HTML and CSS pages to dynamic pages built on JavaScript and PHP.

    • Fluid Grid Layout. This option provides a basic framework for creating a site that works in mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Using some pre-packaged CSS and JavaScript, as well as a fancy user interface, you can basically “draw” three layouts—one for smartphones, one for tablets, and one for desktop computers—that use the same content.

    • Starter Templates. These templates help you set up web pages destined for mobile devices.

    • Site Templates. If you’ve created your own templates, they show up here.

  • Open. Launches the standard Open File dialog box so you can navigate to and open a Dreamweaver document. You can set the Enable drop-down menu to display only specific types ...

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