0.1. Lesson 1: Stop Thinking and Act Like a Genius

This is what you think:

  • Geniuses are born, not made.

  • I was not born a genius.

  • Good thing my job doesn't require me to be a genius.

  • At least I make a decent living.

And you think this, too:

  • Geniuses are outrageously creative.

  • Creativity is spontaneous. It just happens. You can't simply turn it on like a light bulb. (Unless, of course, you're a genius.)

  • Good thing I make a decent living.

  • But why do I still wish I were a creative genius?

How do I know that you think these things? Because most of us think them. They are products of the myths we clutch uncritically and allow our lives to be guided by.

Doubtless, some myths produce useful ideas. But the thoughts listed here are just so much ...

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