Chapter 8. Cellular Responses to Nanoscale Surface Modifications of Titanium Implants for Dentistry and Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
K. Subramanian, D. Tran and K.T. Nguyen
Department of Bioengineering, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, and University of Texas, South Western Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA


8.1 Introduction 113
8.2 Nanotopography Generated from Surface Modification of Ti Implants 114
8.2.1 Surface Modification of Ti Implants with Inorganic Materials/Nanoparticles 115
8.2.2 Surface Modifications of Ti Implants with Polymers 117
8.3 Nanotopography and Protein Absorption 118
8.4 Nanotopography Alters Osteoblast Responses 118
8.4.1 Cell Morphology 118
8.4.2 Cell Adhesion 119
8.4.3 Cell Proliferation 119
8.4.4 Bioactive ...

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