Chapter 13. Campus QoS Design Considerations and Recommendations

The primary role of quality of service (QoS) in rich-media campus networks is not to control latency or jitter (as it is in the wide-area network [WAN] or virtual private network [VPN]), but to manage packet loss. In today’s campus networks, endpoints are connecting to the network at Gigabit Ethernet (GE) speeds, and it takes only a few milliseconds of congestion to cause instantaneous buffer overruns resulting in packet drops at the edge or in the 10GE/40GE core.

For example, consider one of the deepest-buffered linecards available (at the time of this writing): the Cisco Catalyst 6900 Series 40 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Module (WS-X6904-40G-2T). This linecard offers 176 MB of ...

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