9.9. 64-Bit Issues

As mentioned earlier, DTExecUI.exe is a 32-bit application. Because of this, whenever you execute a package from DTExecUI.exe, it will execute in 32-bit mode even if you are running it on a 64-bit machine, which could potentially cause it to take longer to execute. Much of this is because data must be marshaled back and forth between 32-bit mode and 64-bit mode. To get around this problem, you can go to the Command Line page of this tool (shown earlier in Figure 9-10), copy the command out of the window, and paste it into a command prompt, prefixing dtexec.exe in front of it.

On a 64-bit machine, DTExec.exe comes in two flavors: 32-bit and 64-bit. The 32-bit version is stored in the \Program Files (x86) directory and the 64-bit version is stored in the main \Program Files directory. Occasionally, the environment variables may have issues and point to the wrong C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Binn\ directory. You can fix this by right-clicking My Computer on the desktop and selecting Properties. Go to the Advanced tab and select Environment Variables to produce the screen shown in Figure 9-19. From the System variables section in the lower portion of the window, select the Path variable and click Edit. In the next window, you will see several delimited paths to various folders on the system. Look for the path referring to the Binn directory mentioned earlier. Ensure here that this path is set to \Program Files and not \Program Files (x86) and click ...

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