Chapter 10. Code Maintenance: Human Fueling and Supplements

You fancy yourself the human equivalent of a Formula I race car. Or at least, that metaphor reflects how much you value your health. You want your engines to operate on the finest fuel, not the leftover stuff at the bottom of the deep fryer at your cousin’s big-box restaurant (although it would be noble if your car ran on that residue). If an important part of fitness is exercise, then the raw ingredients for that regimen—the food you eat before and after (even if you bow out of eating during the workout)—are essential as well.

The rules of thumb for eating aren’t very different for people who are strenuously active and people who are mainly interested in staying out of the doctor’s office but have no desire to train for climbing Kilimanjaro. Eat well; eat nutritiously—and perhaps more copiously, if your adventures burn tons of calories.

Consume real, nutrient-rich food (fruits, veggies, fish, fowl, beef, pastured eggs, nuts, whey protein/berry smoothies, etc.), not just filler that seems sinfully good at the moment but packs a big negative payback later.

This chapter presents a few general guidelines for the best ways to tweak your diet in a quest to fuel your fitness goals.

Fueling Fitness

If you’re an athlete or are taking part in fitness activities for the purpose of health and maintenance, you’re probably wondering if there is a better way to eat and drink to make you stronger, quicker, faster, and indefatigable.

No magic ...

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