Foundations of Digital Art and Design with Adobe® Creative Cloud

Book description

Fuses design fundamentals and software training into one cohesive book!

  • Teaches art and design principles with references to contemporary digital art alongside basic digital tools in Adobe's Creative Cloud

  • Addresses the growing trend of compressing design fundamentals and design software into the same course in universities and design trade schools.

  • Lessons are timed to be used in 50 to 90 minute class sessions with additional materials available online

  • Free video screencasts demonstrate key concepts in every chapter

  • All students of digital design and production—whether learning in a classroom or on their own—need to understand the basic principles of design. These principles are often excluded from books that teach software. Foundations of Digital Art and Design reinvigorates software training by integrating design exercises into tutorials fusing design fundamentals and core Adobe Creative Cloud skills. The result is a comprehensive design learning experience. 

    This book is organized into six sections that focus on vector art, photography, image manipulation, typography, web design, and effective habits. Design topics and principles include: Bits, Dots, Lines, Shapes, Rule of Thirds, Zone System, Color Models, Collage, Appropriation, Gestalt, The Bauhaus Basic Course Approach, The Grid, Remix, Automation, and Revision.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgements
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. What are the Foundations of Digital Art and Design?
    7. Section 1: Bits, Pixels, Vectors, and Design
      1. Chapter 1. The Dot, the Path, and the Pixel
        1. Paths and Vector Graphics
        2. Lab Challenge
      2. Chapter 2. Drawing Expressive Lines
        1. Saving and Sharing Files
        2. Lab Challenge
      3. Chapter 3. Modify Basic Shapes
        1. Signs and Logos
        2. Vector Curves
        3. Lab Challenge
    8. Section 2: Digital Photography
      1. Chapter 4. Creating and Organizing Digital Photographs
        1. Measuring Light
        2. Rule of Thirds
        3. Adobe Bridge
        4. Lab Challenge
      2. Chapter 5. Resolution and Value
        1. Redistributing and Resampling Pixels via Resolution
        2. Value and the Tonal Range
        3. Zone System Redux
        4. Lab Challenge
      3. Chapter 6. Color Models
        1. Subtractive Processes
        2. Additive Processes
        3. Lab Challenge
    9. Section 3: Digital Manipulation and Fair Use
      1. Photomontage and Collage
      2. Surrealism
      3. Digital Manipulation
      4. Fair Use and Appropriation
      5. Verisimilitude
      6. Chapter 7. Repairs and Hoaxes
        1. Digital Repairs
        2. Creating a Hoax
        3. Lab Challenge
      7. Chapter 8. Select, Copy, Paste, Collage
        1. Precision Selecting with the Pen Tool
        2. Nondestructive Editing
        3. Lab Challenge
      8. Chapter 9. Blended Realities
        1. Blended Realities in Networked Spaces
        2. Screen Resolution
        3. Vector Shapes in Photoshop
        4. Applying Gradients to Layer Masks
        5. Lab Challenge
    10. Section 4: Typography
      1. Letterforms
      2. Type and Image
      3. Contrast and Hierarchy on the Grid
      4. Which Application Should I Use?
      5. Chapter 10. Type and Image
        1. Contrast and Rhythm
        2. Text Boxes
        3. Text Adjustments: Kerning and Leading
        4. Lab Challenge
      6. Chapter 11. The Grid
        1. Gestalt
        2. Swiss International Style
        3. Sentences and Paragraphs
        4. Lab Challenge
      7. Chapter 12. Continuity
        1. The Gestalt Laws of Similarity and Continuity
        2. Master Pages
        3. Paragraph Styles
        4. Reading on the Screen
        5. Lab Challenge
      8. Coda: Revision Practices
        1. Clear, Open Communication and Accessibility
        2. Pencilbox Studios: Mission Hospital
        3. riCardo Crespo: Hot Wheels and Standing Meetings
        4. Michael Demers: The Sky Is Falling (A Day in the Life...)
        5. The League of Imaginary Scientists: In League with an Institution
        6. Jovenville: Boardstorming
        7. Conclusion
    11. Index
    12. Section 5: The Web
      1. LO, the Internet
      2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee: “This is for Everyone”
      3. Web Designer, Net Artist, Social Media Activist, Content Creator
      4. Graphics and Resolution
      5. Code
      6. Remix
      7. Chapter 13. Graphics on the Web
        1. Scale on the Web
        2. Web Image Formats
        3. Inserting Images into Code
        4. Lab Challenge
      8. Chapter 14. Know the Code
        1. HTML: The Content Gatekeeper
        2. HTML Syntax
        3. CSS: Insert your Style Here
        4. CSS Syntax
        5. Graphics in HTML and CSS
        6. Lab Challenge
      9. Chapter 15. Remix the Web
        1. Remix: A Discourse for Cut/Copy and Paste
        2. Lab Challenge
    13. Section 6: Effective Work Habits
      1. Automation
      2. Printing
      3. Revision
      4. Chapter 16. Automation
        1. Artificial Artificial Intelligence
        2. Ready, Set, Actions!
        3. Lab Challenge
      5. Chapter 17. Pagination and Printing
        1. Colors, Resolution, and Calibration
        2. Pagination and Binding
        3. Lab Challenge

    Product information

    • Title: Foundations of Digital Art and Design with Adobe® Creative Cloud
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2013
    • Publisher(s): New Riders
    • ISBN: 9780133374544