Chapter 5

Studying for Your License


check Breaking down the exam

check Finding resources to get ready

check Getting help from a mentor

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get your ham radio license. Congratulations! Although you can’t just run down to the store, buy your gear, and fire it up, becoming licensed isn’t that hard. A lot of resources are available to prepare you for the ham radio exam. This chapter gives you some pointers on how best to prepare so that you will enjoy studying and do well at test time. (Exams and exam sessions are also referred to as tests or test sessions. I use mostly exam in this chapter.)

tip If you buddy up with a study partner, studying is much easier. Having a partner helps you both stick with it. Each of you will find different things are easy or difficult, so you can help each other get over the rough spots. Best of all, you can celebrate passing together.

Demystifying the Exam

To do the best job of studying, you need to know just what the exam consists of. The exams for all license classes are multiple-choice; you won’t find any essay questions. ...

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