Chapter 2. Classes and Objects: A Trip to Objectville

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I was told there would be objects. In Chapter 1, we put all of our code in the main() method. That’s not exactly object-oriented. In fact, that’s not object-oriented at all. Well, we did use a few objects, like the String arrays for the Phrase-O-Matic, but we didn’t actually develop any of our own object types. So now we’ve got to leave that procedural world behind, get the heck out of main(), and start making some objects of our own. We’ll look at what makes object-oriented (OO) development in Java so much fun. We’ll look at the difference between a class and an object. We’ll look at how objects can give you a better life (at least the programming part of your life. Not much we can do about your fashion sense). Warning: once you get to Objectville, you might never go back. Send us a postcard.

Chair Wars: (or How Objects Can Change Your Life)

Once upon a time in a software shop, two programmers were given the same spec and told to “build it”. The Really Annoying Project Manager forced the two coders to compete, by promising that whoever delivers first gets one of those cool Aeron™ chairs all the Silicon Valley guys have. Larry, the procedural programmer, and Brad, the OO guy, both knew this would be a piece of cake.

Larry, sitting in his cube, thought to himself, “What are the things this program has to do? What procedures do we need?”. ...

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