Chapter 8. Build Hybrid Mobile Apps with PhoneGap: Tartan Hunt: Going native

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Sometimes you’ve got to go native. It might be because you need access to something not available in mobile browsers (yet). Or maybe your client simply must have an app in the App Store. We look forward to that shiny future when we have access to everything we want in the browser, and mobile web apps share that sparkly allure native apps enjoy. Until then, we have the option of hybrid development—we continue writing our code using web standards, and use a library to bridge the gaps between our code and the device’s native capabilities. Cross-platform native apps built from web technologies? Not such a bad compromise, eh?

Opportunity knocks again

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Scottish airline Loch Air has just agreed to sponsor an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Edinburgh.

As part of the upcoming Scottish Celebration Expo in two months, Loch Air wants to run a promotional contest along with Tartans Unlimited, Ewan’s organization.

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The Tartan Hunt contest will send attendees to seek out tartans hidden at the booths of certain key sponsors.

Players are challenged to find and take a photo of each listed tartan with their devices’ cameras; found tartans ...

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