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Accidental heroes, 56


calls to, 18–22, 108–109

minimum conservative, 55

Action-centric catchphrases, 78

Activist (persona), 16, 20–21

Adichie, Chimamanda, 15, 20, 95–99, 175

The Age of Miracles (Walker), 106

Allende, Isabel, 15

Anadiplosis, 123

Anaphora, 79, 122

Anderson, Chris, 14, 118, 155

Anger, 114

Anxiety, 137, 156, 193

Apple, Inc., 75–76, 90, 91

Applying to be a TED speaker, 190–192

Approaching the Inmost Cave, 60

Arguments, logical, 31–33

Arial font, 164

Aristotle, 34

Arms, position of, 147–148

Arriving ...

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