Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders

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With the advent of inexpensive, high-power telescopes priced atunder $250, amateur astronomy is now within the reach of anyone,and this is the ideal book to get you started. The IllustratedGuide to Astronomical Wonders offers you a guide to theequipment you need, and shows you how and where to find hundreds ofspectacular objects in the deep sky -- double and multiple stars aswell as spectacular star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.You get a solid grounding in the fundamental concepts andterminology of astronomy, and specific advice about choosing,buying, using, and maintaining the equipment required forobserving. The Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wondersis designed to be used in the field under the special red-coloredlighting used by astronomers, and includes recommended observingtargets for beginners and intermediate observers alike. You getdetailed start charts and specific information about the bestcelestial objects.The objects in this book were chosen to help you meet therequirements for several lists of objects compiled by TheAstronomical League ( orthe Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ( Messier Club.

  • Binocular Messier Club

  • Urban Observing Club

  • Deep Sky Binocular Club

  • Double Star Club

  • RASC Finest NGC List

  • Completing the list for a particular observing club entitles anyonewho is a member of the Astronomical League or RASC to an award,which includes a certificate and, in some cases, a lapel pin.This book is perfect for amateur astronomers, students, teachers,or anyone who is ready to dive into this rewarding hobby. Whoknows? You might even find a new object, like amateur astronomerJay McNeil. On a clear cold night in January 2004, he spotted apreviously undiscovered celestial object near Orion, now calledMcNeil's Nebula. Discover what awaits you in the night sky with theIllustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders.

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    • Title: Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders
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    • Release date: October 2007
    • Publisher(s): Make: Community
    • ISBN: 9780596526856