In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions—When It Counts, Second Edition

Book description

Answer even the toughest, most hostile questions brilliantly: take the floor, stay poised, and win your audience over every time! Imagine: you’re standing in front of an audience and you've just been asked the question you'd been dreading — or, worse, you've been blindsided with a brutal question you never expected. What to do? Jerry Weissman has made a career of preparing executives for that moment. He's coached nearly 500 executives on their IPO road shows, the most critical presentations of their lives. Weissman’s In the Line of Fire has established itself as the world’s definitive guide to answering brutally tough questions in public — and now, he’s completely updated this classic with new examples, case studies, and even more great advice. Using compelling, up-to-the-minute examples from Wall Street, Washington, D.C., and beyond, Weissman teaches how to respond with perfect assurance, no matter what. You’ll discover how to avoid the defensive, evasive, or contentious answers that have destroyed political careers and can ruin your credibility. Weissman shows you how to control your entire exchange with a hostile questioner: the question, answer, interactions with questioner and audience, timing, and above all, yourself. Whether you're an executive, politician, fundraiser, interviewee, teacher, student — or even a family member at Thanksgiving dinner — you're judged on how you handle these moments. Get this book: handle them brilliantly.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for In the Line of Fire
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. About the Author
  8. Introduction: Universal Challenges, Universal Solutions
  9. Chapter 1. Agility Versus Force
    1. Challenging Questions
    2. Martial Arts
    3. Effective Management Perceived
    4. Baptism Under Fire
  10. Chapter 2. The Critical Dynamics of Q&A
    1. Defensive
    2. Contentious
    3. Presenter Behavior/Audience Perception
    4. The Six-Million-Dollar Q&A
    5. The NetRoadshow Factor
  11. Chapter 3. Effective Management Implemented
    1. Worst-Case Scenario
    2. Maximum Control in Groups
    3. The Q&A Cycle
    4. How to Lose Your Audience in Five Seconds Flat
  12. Chapter 4. You’re Not Listening!
  13. Chapter 5. Active Listening
    1. The Roman Column
    2. Subvocalization
    3. Visual Listening
    4. ...You Still Don’t Understand
    5. Yards After Catch
  14. Chapter 6. Retake the Floor
    1. Paraphrase
    2. Challenging Questions
    3. The Buffer
    4. Key Word Buffer
    5. The Double Buffer
    6. The Power of “You”
    7. The Triple Fail-Safe
  15. Chapter 7. Provide the Answer
    1. Quid Pro Quo
    2. Manage the Answer
    3. Anticipate
    4. Recognize the Universal Issues
    5. How to Handle Special Questions
    6. Guilty as Charged Questions
    7. Point B and WIIFY
    8. Topspin
    9. Media Sound Bites
  16. Chapter 8. Topspin in Action
    1. Missing a Free Kick
    2. The Evolution of George W. Bush
    3. Lloyd Bentsen Topspins
    4. Ronald Reagan Topspins
    5. Barack Obama Topspins
  17. Chapter 9. Preparation
    1. The NAFTA Debate Revisited
    2. Murder Boards
    3. Presidential Elections
    4. Lessons Learned
  18. Chapter 10. The Art of War
    1. The Art of Agility
    2. The Critical Impact of Debates
    3. Lessons Learned
  19. Chapter 11. Lessons Not Learned
    1. Reaction Shots
    2. Agreement
    3. Lessons Learned
  20. Chapter 12. The Role Model
    1. Complete Control
  21. Endnotes
    1. Introduction: Universal Challenges, Universal Solutions
    2. Chapter 1: Agility Versus Force
    3. Chapter 2: The Critical Dynamics of Q&A
    4. Chapter 3: Effective Management Implemented
    5. Chapter 4: You’re Not Listening!
    6. Chapter 5: Active Listening
    7. Chapter 6: Retake the Floor
    8. Chapter 7: Provide the Answer
    9. Chapter 8: Topspin in Action
    10. Chapter 9: Preparation
    11. Chapter 10: The Art of War
    12. Chapter 11: Lessons Not Learned
    13. Chapter 12: The Role Model
  22. Acknowledgments
  23. Index

Product information

  • Title: In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions—When It Counts, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Jerry Weissman
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133157925