5.1 The Indoor Planning Procedure

Operators need a well-structured procedure to evaluate the business case and implementation process of indoor solutions. Often the need for an indoor coverage solution in a particular building is initiated by the sales and marketing department of the operator responsible for that particular area or customer. The procedure must include all aspects of the process, in order to make it visible for all working within the operator: how, why and when an indoor DAS is to be implemented; who is responsible for what part of the process; what documents are needed; and the general workflow of the process.

There are many valid methods to use when organizing the workflow; one typical structure could be like the one shown in Figure 5.1.

Figure 5.1 One way of structuring the indoor planning process


5.1.1 Indoor Planning Process Flow

Briefly, these are the main parameters: in- and output of the different parts of the process (as shown in Figure 5.1).

Input from the Sales Team/Key Account Manager

The process starts with the requirements from the potential customer, preferably at an early stage, before the customer starts to use mobiles on a wider scale. The sales team then provides an application to get approval to implement a dedicated solution. There must be a clearly defined revenue goal.

The application should consist of:

Business input

  • Number of users.
  • Types ...

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