Chapter 3

Setting Up Your Camera for Photographic Greatness


Bullet Using iCloud to store your photos

Bullet Understanding My Photo Stream

Bullet Sharing Albums

Bullet Auto-Playing videos

Bullet Transferring your photos to a computer

Bullet Customizing your iPhone’s camera

In this chapter, you discover all the ways to make your iPhone’s photography workflow as seamless and as powerful as possible. In the same way that a custom shop can radically enhance the performance of a normal assembly line car, you can fully tune up your iPhone’s camera with the tips in this chapter.

While this chapter isn’t really about the physical act of taking a photo, it does set your camera up to take better photos by altering a few different Settings options.

Turning on iCloud Photos

As of this writing, everyone who buys and registers an iPhone using iCloud automatically receives 5GB of free cloud storage. If you’re not familiar ...

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