Chapter 5

Creating Perfect Landscape Photographs


Bullet Setting up your iPhone’s camera

Bullet Focusing and exposure options

Bullet Choosing the best time of day

Bullet Opting for extra photographic gear

Bullet Choosing the best lens

Bullet Applying the Rule of Thirds

One of the most popular photographic genres is landscape photography. These stunning scenic images help your viewer imagine themselves at the precipice of the Grand Canyon, the camel-trodden sand dunes of the Middle East, or the lush rain forests of the Amazon basin.

The reason that we find landscape photography endearing is because of our desire for adventure, for beauty, and for peace within our world. What lofty qualities! The landscape photo has a lot to live up to, and you can be a part of this rich history without even needing to leave your own region.

So, this chapter is all about you and how to jump-start you into iPhone landscape excellence. ...

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