Chapter 7. Picturing Your Photos on the iPod

Picturing Your Photos on the iPod

who needs an overstuffed wallet with cracked plastic picture sleeves to show off your snaps? If you have an iPod or iPod Nano, you can quickly dump all your favorite shots from popular photo programs like Photoshop Elements or iPhoto right onto the iPod and view them on the iPod’s glossy color screen. (And even if you don’t use a photo program, you just need to tell the iPod where to harvest the pictures on your computer.)

The picture-perfect fun doesn’t stop there, either. Both the regular iPod and the Nano can also display your photos in mini-slideshow form, right in the palm of your hand. And if you have the full-sized iPod, you can plug it into the television set with a special AV cable and fire up those slideshows on the living-room screen. This chapter shows you how to do everything except microwave the popcorn for the big show.

What You Need to Put Photos on Your iPod

In addition to a computer loaded with iTunes and an iPod with a color screen, you need a few other things to move pictures to ‘Pod:

  • Compatible photo-organizing software for the Mac or Windows—or a folder of photos on your hard drive. The iPod and Nano can sync with several popular photo programs that you may already have. On the Mac, there’s iPhoto 4.0.3 or later. Windows mavens can grab pictures from Adobe Photoshop Album or the more versatile Adobe Photoshop ...

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