Appendix C. Installing and Upgrading iWork

Installing iWork ’05 on your Mac is a fairly straightforward process—the automated Installer program on the disk takes care of tucking iWork’s files into their proper locations on your hard drive. If you bought your Mac recently, you have even less work to do. Apple preinstalled the iWork trial version, which turns into the full version once you enter a serial number.

iWork ’05 requires a Macintosh with a 500 MHz or faster G3, G4, or G5 processor (G4 or G5 for PowerBooks), running Mac OS X version 10.3.6 or later. Your Mac needs at least 128 MB of RAM, but a more functional minimum would be 512 MB—more is always better—and 8 MB of video memory, preferably 32 MB.

Because iWork operates hand in hand with iPhoto and iTunes, iLife ’04 or later is recommended, though not required. The iWork installation consumes about 1 GB of hard drive space. Be sure your hard drive has room for iWork and still has plenty of extra space left over—not only for the iWork documents you’ll be creating, but also because operating a hard drive at near-capacity invites trouble. You should always have 5 to 10 percent free space on your hard drive.

Most iWork packages contain a DVD installation disk, which requires a computer with a DVD drive. Apple also sells a CD version of the program, however, available at the Apple Store.

Finally, to update iWork or take advantage of Web views, you’ll also need an Internet connection.

Installing iWork


New Macs come with the iWork ...

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