How to do it…

Let's start with a simple example where we use Anko to create a layout for our target activity (the activity in which you want to create a layout):

  1. Here's the code for the onCreate() method that you need to put in your target activity:
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {    super.onCreate(savedInstanceState)    verticalLayout {        padding = dip(20)        val name = editText {            hint = "What is your name?"        }        val message = editText {            hint = "Your message"        }        button("Send") {            onClick { toast("Hello, ${name.text} we have recorded your message!") }        }    }}
  1. Basically, in the preceding code, we want to create a basic "contact us" form. For this, we have created a vertical linear layout with a 20 dip padding and, inside the vertical ...

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