Watching the DHCP lease cycle

In this example, an instance will be created with the following characteristics:

  • Name: TestInstance1
  • Flavor: tiny
  • Image: cirros-0.4.0
  • Network: MyVLANNetwork
  • Compute Node: compute01

The command to create the instance is as follows:

openstack server create \ --image cirros-0.4.0 \ --flavor tiny \--nic net-id=MyVLANNetwork \--availability-zone nova:compute01 \TestInstance1
The tiny flavor may not exist in your environment, but can be created and defined with 1 vCPU, 1 MB RAM, and 1 GB disk.

To observe the instance requesting a DHCP lease, start a packet capture within the DHCP network namespace that corresponds to the instance's network using the following command:

ip netns exec <namespace> tcpdump -i any -ne ...

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