Upgrading ESXi

Prior to beginning an ESXi upgrade, ensure to read the release notes and back up the host configuration. ESXi can be upgraded in one of several ways:

  • vSphere Update Manager
  • Interactive upgrade using ESXi installer
  • Scripted upgrade
  • vSphere Auto Deploy
  • esxcli

Determine which method is most appropriate for upgrading your infrastructure. This section will cover using vSphere Update Manager.

Importing a Host Image

Before creating an upgrade baseline for ESXi hosts, a host image must first be imported. To import a host image:

  1. Download an ESXi image in .iso format from VMware's website.
  2. Log into the vSphere Web Client and navigate to vSphere Update Manager.
  3. Select the Manage tab and click the ESXi Images button.
  4. Choose the Import ESXi Image button: ...

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