rcsclean [options] [files]


Compare checked-out files against the corresponding latest revision or revision R (as given by the options). If no differences are found, the working file is removed. (Use rcsdiff to find differences.) rcsclean is useful in makefiles. For example, you could specify a “clean-up” target to update your directories. rcsclean is also useful prior to running rcsfreeze. rcsclean accepts the standard options -q, -V, -x, and -z.


-k c

When comparing revisions, expand keywords using style c. (See co for values of c.)


Show what would happen, but don’t actually execute.


Compare against revision R. R can be supplied as arguments to other options, so -r is redundant.


Preserve the modification time of the RCS file even if a lock is added or removed.


Unlock the revision if it’s the same as the working file.


Remove unchanged copies of program and header files:

                     rcsclean *.c *.h

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