The authors would first like to thank their editors, Andy Oram and Ellen Siever, for both their skill at making our work look more professional and for the less obvious and likely less enjoyable task of putting us back on focus when our minds would wander.

Hugh Williams contributed the two chapters on PHP.

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who provided us with critical looks at both editions of the book. Anyone familiar with MySQL knows the name Michael Widenius, the head of the MySQL project. He and another member of the MySQL team, Paul DuBois, sent in many valuable comments. Brian Jepson, Glenn MacGregor, Michael Schecter, and Jeremy Zawodny provided useful comments on the book overall.

Tim Allwine intensively reviewed the Perl material in Chapter 9 and provided some new examples and ideas. Chris Brooks and Tim Bunce also made corrections to the Perl code.

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