The Superior Person—The “Aggridant” (Biologically Superior and Dominant) Person

The nice thing about this whole new management business (enlightened management) is that from which ever point you start, whether from the point of view of what is best for personal development of people or from what is best for making a profit and turning out good products, the results seem to be almost exactly the same—that which is good for personal development is also good for turning our products and so on, the results seem to be almost exactly the same.

I think it will be pertinent to use the Dove1 experiment here on the aggridant chickens (bigger, stronger, dominant) who were the good choosers, and who were thereby distinguished from the poor choosers. None of the writers that I have been reading on management dares to confront the profound political implications of the fact which is so unpopular in any democracy that some people are superior to others in any given skill or capacity and also that there is some evidence to indicate that some people tend to be generally superior, that they are simply superior biological organisms born into the world. For the latter I can use the Terman2 kind of data which indicates that all desirable traits tend to correlate positively, i.e., those people who are superior in intelligence tend to be superior in everything else, or those people who are selected ...

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