Appendix Data for engineering materials


  • A.1 Names and applications: metals and alloys A-2
  • A.2 Names and applications: polymers and foams A-3
  • A.3 Names and applications: composites, ceramics, glasses and natural materials A-4
  • A.4 Melting temperature and glass temperature A-5
  • A.5 Density A-7
  • A.6 Young’s modulus A-9
  • A.7 Yield strength and tensile strength A-11
  • A.8 Fracture toughness A-13
  • A.9 Thermal conductivity and thermal expansion A-15
  • A.10 Electrical resistivity and dielectric constant A-17

This appendix lists the names and typical applications of common engineering materials, together with data for their properties.

A.1 Names and applications: metals and alloys

Metals   Applications
Ferrous Cast irons Automotive parts, ...

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