Aberdeen Group, 158, 161-162, 167

Accenture, banner ad targeting by domain name, 81

accounting systems, internal data, 37

acknowledgment page, lead nurturing, 161

activity-based measurements, tracking leads, 189

affinity groups, campaign target selection, 102

affinity marketing, future of, 194

Albee, Ardath, 148-149

allowable cost per lead, calculating, 27-30

AMD, marketing automation case study, 73-74

Anritsu, lead generation case study, 13-15

appended information, external data, 42-43

Armstrong, Stephen D., 195

assessing cost per lead by medium, 89

attention-getting words, 108

automated distribution lists, 155

Azulay, David, 90


banner ad targeting by domain name, 81

BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Time frame), 140

behavioral data versus ...

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