A flag 366
Address.  See also specific address
DHAAD determining 271
DHAAD Reply message, quantity of 354
home address scope identifier matching 254
in6_aliasreq{} structure manipulating 264
in6_control() function removing 267
IPv4, exhaustion of 5
IPv6 solution to exhaustion of 5
manually configuring 250
Mobile IPv6 and identification of 17–18
mobile node registering 47–51, 49f
privacy extension mechanism generating 253
status updates of 249–259
in Type 2 Routing Header 297
Address block 11
Address information structure 267
Advertisement Interval option defining 26
format of 41f
nd_opt_adv_interval{} structure representing 99
using 41
Alternate Care-of Address option 33
alignment requirement for 279
format of 39f
ip6_mh_opt_altcoa{} structure representing 94 ...

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