Chapter 13. Backup and Restore

You can get almost anyone you ask to agree that backups are a good idea. You can also pretty much guarantee that many people don't back up as often as they should. While I won't name names, I've known a number of people over the years who, despite touting the benefits of regular backups, treat their important data as shown on the next page.

  • Backups are done “occasionally” or “very occasionally.”

  • Backups are not verified. (“They must be okay, right?”)

  • Backups are not labeled. (“What did I back up and when?”)

  • A backup is put on a single floppy diskette that is used over and over.

  • A backup is put on a single tape that is used over and over.

  • Backups are saved to another directory on the same disk.

The single disk entry in that ...

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