Chapter 1

Installing Windows Server 2019


Bullet Making sure you have everything you need

Bullet Planning how to install Windows Server 2019

Bullet Installing Windows Server 2019

Bullet Knowing what to do immediately after you install Windows Server 2019

Bullet Helping your server perform different roles

This chapter presents the procedures that you need to follow to install Windows Server — specifically, Windows Server 2019. Note that although the specific details provided are for Windows Server 2019, installing a previous version is very similar. So you won’t have any trouble adapting these procedures if you’re installing an older version.

Planning a Windows Server Installation

Before you begin the Setup program to actually install a Windows Server operating system, you need to make several preliminary decisions, as the following sections describe.

Checking system requirements

Before you install a Windows Server operating system, you should make sure that the computer meets the minimum requirements. ...

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