Chapter 7

Typing Windows Commands


Bullet Getting started with a command window

Bullet Taking advantage of command tricks and techniques

Bullet Looking at batch files

Bullet Using the amazing Net commands

Although Windows sports a fancy graphical interface that makes it possible to perform most network management tasks by pointing and clicking, you can also do almost any network management task from a command prompt. Whether you choose to do so is largely a matter of personal style. Some network administrators pride themselves on being able to type Windows commands blindfolded and with two fingers on each hand tied behind their backs. Others have fully embraced the graphical user interface and think the command line is for administrators with Unix envy.

So the choice is yours. Skip this chapter if the thought of typing commands causes you to lose sleep. If you’re willing to venture forth, this chapter begins with an overview of working from the command prompt. Then it describes some of the more useful Windows commands. Finally, this chapter introduces the fine (and almost lost) art of writing ...

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