2.1. SQL DDL Statements by Task

Often one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of working with an Oracle database is simply finding the proper statement to accomplish a particular task. Table 2-1 lists most common data definition tasks, along with the appropriate SQL statements used to accomplish each task. You will find the detailed syntax of each statement later in this chapter.

Table 2-1. Common DDL Tasks and Their Corresponding SQL Statements
If you want to Use this statement
Add a column/integrity constraint to a table ALTER TABLE
Add a comment about a table, view, snapshot, or column into the data dictionary COMMENT
Add a resource limit from an existing profile ALTER PROFILE
Add datafiles to an existing tablespace ALTER TABLESPACE
Add/rename data files ALTER TABLESPACE
Allocate an extent for a cluster ALTER CLUSTER
Allocate an extent for the table ALTER TABLE
Allow/disallow access to a table GRANT/REVOKE ROLE
Allow/disallow writing to a table ALTER TABLE
Allow/disallow writing to a tablespace ALTER TABLESPACE
Associate a method of statistics computation with database objects ASSOCIATE STATISTICS
Audit a specific schema object AUDIT
Audit specific SQL statements AUDIT
Back up the current control file ALTER DATABASE
Begin/end a backup by putting a tablespace in backup or normal mode ALTER TABLESPACE
Bring a rollback segment online/offline ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT
Change a resource limit from an existing profile ALTER PROFILE
Change a user's default role ALTER ...

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