Chapter 8

Cleanup, Podcast Aisle 7!


check Pondering “To edit, or not to edit …”

check Adding bed music for a comfortable podcast

check Introducing intros and outros

Although a high-tech activity like podcasting doesn’t exactly qualify as quaint, the charm of podcasting is — whether produced by a major studio or by friends with a microphone and a laptop — its inherent, homespun quality. Steve Jobs once described it as the Wayne’s World of radio. (No kidding, he said that in 2005 at on ABC.) Podcasts, much like Saturday Night Live’s classic sketch depicted, are often done on a shoestring budget and recorded in one take, with no editing. All the trip-ups and tangents are captured for posterity and sent to MP3 players everywhere. This is part of the grassroots appeal that podcasting is not only known for, but prides itself on nurturing as new and innovative podcasters enter the podosphere.

Although podcasting purists may harbor animosity toward the editing process, sometimes it makes all the difference between a listenable podcast and an incoherent mess of senseless rambling. For example, you might want to eliminate the sound of a train going by or silence ...

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