Crusading and Tradition Bearing
If those crusading win and the work group ignores the concerns
of those tradition bearing to protect the Individual, the group will
end up in the downside of Team. The process will look like arrow
number 2 in Figure 18. In either case, the group or organization will
not benefit from the results.
As a leader, you can improve your effectiveness considerably if
you are able to lead effective crusades and lead effective tradition-
bearing efforts. I know that right now all the hype centers on being a
great leader of change, and that orientation seems to support the cru-
sading forces. But what I am suggesting is that effective change
management requires the ability to be both a crusader and a tradition
bearer. It also means dealing well with your opposition and with the
“undecided” who are not sure which way to go. Paradoxically, to be
really effective at crusading, you will need to be really effective at
tradition bearing, and vice versa.
Assume that your company has been experiencing some of the
downsides of focusing on the Individual. You and some of your
colleagues decide that there is a need to improve teamwork.
As you start promoting teamwork, you encounter some resistance.
Often the response of a crusader is to identify all the problems with the
present situation (downside of Individual = L–) and talk about all the
advantages in joining the crusade (upside of Team = R+).
If that works, fine. The system will follow the normal flow from
the downside of one pole to the upside of the other (Step 1 of the
Polarity Two-Step = L– to R+). You will get some of the benefits of
the upside, like feeling more team spirit, and be relieved to have a
common direction. Later, as you experience some of the downsides
of Team (Step 2 of the Polarity Two-Step = R+ to R–), hopefully
you will recognize them and be willing to move back to the upside
of Individual (R– to L+).

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